Pick a Pocket of Pesto

Well, it’s been a long time! But a busy, creative one nonetheless 🙂 It’s time I shared more makes, bakes, crafts & creates!

The other day, I read this lovely post from the marvellous Attic24. Only a few days previous had I cycled through the beautiful woods surrounding Dean Castle in Kilmarnock (my new home town, for now!) and noticed lots of lush wild garlic begging to be picked for pesto. It’s so lovely to do something like this when you know there’s a window of opportunity once per year, it won’t be shipped into megabucks supermarkets from Israel all year around and it literally is time to seize the day!



I think I had around 300g of wild garlic and I used a mix of about 200g cashews and almonds because that was to hand. It’s so tasty I could almost eat it by the spoonful but settled for one jar for the fridge and bagged the rest in freezer portions.

AND the beautiful colour reminds me of my ‘promise to self’ to draw, colour, doodle and paint more….

One thought on “Pick a Pocket of Pesto

  1. Aileen, I must tell you that my CWA branch had great fun making Milford mouse at craft this year. Lots of little mice were made – very easy indeed.. I have just returned from doing 2 legs of the Aurora this year but the craft group did not seem as nice or as friendly. I hope you are enjoying life away from the sea.

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