Everyone’s favourite mouse – Milford!


The resident art instructor drew this beautiful cartoon or me hosting my Craft Group onboard a cruise ship!

I know I’ve got several readers who have been waiting patiently for this tutorial & pattern… having lived without internet for several months, I’m only able to do this now!

Click for: MILFORD MOUSE instructions

I made this lovely pincushion with my craft group on a recent World Cruise, and many of the crafters enjoyed it so much that they made a second (and perhaps a third!).  He’s named ‘Milford’ as we were sailing through fjords & Milford Sound in New Zealand at the time.  The friendly mice in the pic below were not made by me – I sold mine at the charity sale without taking a final pic!  You’ll need approx 12″x12″ of your chosen quilt-weight cotton print fabric, some finer-fill to stuff, a pipe cleaner for his tail and some beads/thread for eyes & nose.  Feel free to ask if you have any questions!


Meet ‘Milford’ and friends 🙂

One thought on “Everyone’s favourite mouse – Milford!

  1. Thank you Eileen for the Mouse pattern- I am sure my CWA branch craft group will love it. CWA is like the WI and I have been elected Branch President for another year. We are currently working on embroidered quilt blocks of cottages which I will make up into 2 quilts to be raffled at our tea rooms at the Brookfield show next May. Pamela and I have booked Aurora next year – Brisbane to Cape Town so I hope there will be a craft group – I have got some knitting patterns for the knitting group and am looking forward to the Art classes. We have just completed a P&O Pacific Jewel – Cruise – Singapore to Brisbane. Hope you are enjoying life away from the sea. Have heard from Maggie and Iris. You are very clever with this blog – the first one I have ever joined. .Many thanks. Kay S

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