It’s true, I love all things dairy. I could try any alternative eating plan in the world, but suggest that I cut out cheese? Oh no, no! And up until now, I’ve been full-fat all the way. None of this skimmed-business. My waist-line might not agree with me on this matter, but since when has that mattered?

And so, with the joyous opportunity of having some dear friends visit with their 8-week-old baby last weekend, I took to making some home-made clotted cream and fresh scones to accompany the garden grown raspberry jam that said-friends had brought with. Yum with a capital Y!

Guided by a pinterest post and accompanying comments, I poured my two bottles of shop-bought double cream into a pyrex dish (no other ingredients needed) and popped int a bain-marie in the fan oven at 100 degrees and left it there for 8 hs. This created enough for four people, however I believe that unpasturised cows milk clots better, by first leaving it settle before removing the cream with a slotted spoon and the baking the cream. Makes sense, I just didn’t have time to ‘butter up’ my local dairy farmers intime that particular weekend! Excuse the pun 🙂

Results? Well they were yummy, and well worth waiting for. But it’s definitely ‘Special Occasion’ territory in terms of both time and fat content! Here’s some if my batch served with fresh fruit sponge that my sister-in-law made the next day…


Having said all of that, I’m admitting defeat and joining a local Slimming World club this week. As my wonderful youngest sister pointed out to me today, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, and for various reasons, me and my additional-10kg-friend need to part company. And soon! Bikini plus muffin-top do not a happy partnership make!

Now, all I need to know is how many ‘Syn’ points are in a spoon of double-clotted cream? Or will I earn a life-long ban from the club on my first day?! We shall see…


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